The “Azienda agricola Brugnara” is a typical family owned company. We cultivate grapevine on the left side of the Avisio torrent, in the northern part of Trento’s municipality and at the border with the area of Lavis.

Part of the vineyard is located on the creek’s shore at the merge of Val di Cembra in Adige’s valley. The rest of the vineyard is on the adjacent hills. We cultivate about eight hectares of vineyard, grouped in one plot of land and since decades we turn grape into wine, according to times, but always respecting the surroundings, which is the key factor for the success of our work.

In the past decades many things have changed and we have improved. At the beginning we commercialized our product in the “frond”, a place where in the past the winemakers sold their wines. Today we cultivate different vineyards from which be obtain the following wines:

- Nosiola, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Xilian, Gewürztraminer, Moscato Giallo

- Merlot, Cabernet, Sebastian, Lagrein Kretzer, Teroldego